On days 3 and 4, I was close to giving up. Thankful that I am still going strong. Andrea has been a great source of encouragement. Another day of juice and hot herbal tea for me. Down to 243 pounds, which is my lowest weight since my early years in high school. Time to get out the door to work!


I never intended to persuade anyone to juice fasting, but right when I could use a boost, I received the text above from my friend, Chris Blystone! Welcome, buddy! At day 4, I am hardly an expert, but I am always happy to see friends join me on a journey! Too bad I don’t live closer to you, we could make juice together. It’ll be good for me to hear Chris’s thoughts on each day and see how they compared to mine. During this fast, each day has been incredibly unique in terms of how I feel and where my mind is. 

Good luck, bro! As Roger Bear says, “I am going to pray for you. Deal with it.”


As day 3 ended, I began to wonder aloud how in the world I’d make it to 10 days. Not having eaten real food since Saturday has taken it’s toll. I am happy to know that I am getting plenty of nutrients, but drinking juice just doesn’t have the satisfying feeling of eating a meal. I know that part of the reason for doing this is to remove the ultra-satisfaction I get from eating meals since that leads me to eat more often and too much when I do eat.

And then there’s coffee. The sweet and bitter nectar of life. If you’re reading this, you are doubtless aware that I am somewhat of a coffee snob. We go to great lengths to get good coffee in the Tufo house (burr grinder, single origin beans, etc). I am amazed it took me three days to crave it so badly, but here I am, on a Wednesday morning, drinking carrot, apple, lemon juice instead of coffee. I should be happy, since this juice actually has.. you know.. nutrients in it. Bah.

I have been going to bed between 9pm-10:30pm every night so I am not so hungry late at night. Additionally, I am just trying to do a better job of getting more than my usual 5 hours of sleep per night. Turns out I feel really good after 8+ hours of sleep! Who knew?


This is not my first rodeo with weight loss, so I am quite aware that most of the weight I’ve lost so far is waste and water and salt being purged from my system. However, I have never rubber-banded (put the weight back on) during my weight journey, so I am hopeful for the results of this juice fast!

All told, I am 9 lbs lighter than I was 3 days ago. That’s.. substantial. I am interested to see how far I drop by the 10th day.

In other news, I am considering going all the way to the Super Bowl which puts this at about 14 days instead of 10 days. So far, I feel amazing and have the endurance and the will.

Andrea joined me again for breakfast today. We had a sunrise juice (recipe above, from the rebootwithjoe website). It is nice to have her join me for a few juices!



Since I shared that I would be juicing with so many of you, I have been pleased to find out that many of you enjoy juicing fruits and veggies as well. Let me know what your favorite recipes are! Thanks! 




I love food. Therefore, I always look forward to meals. I am the guy who plans meals in advance and as soon as I am done with one meal (say, lunch for example), I am already turning my thoughts to dinner. There, I said it. I love food! Surprised? Of course you’re not, don’t lie!

My love of food is mostly in my head. My brain thinks, “Oh, it’s almost 4pm, have you thought about what dinner you shall be savoring later?” This makes me crave food often. Breaking this “I must eat” habit is proving to be tough, but not too much to handle. I have to busy myself with other things is all.

In other news, I feel super energetic, which is odd… especially for a Monday. Turns out nutrients DO help us feel better. WHO KNEW?